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About me

A few short months after I was born in Winterthur in 1983 I started to speak - whether to the chagrin or delight of my parents is not known. Letters and words have always seemed to play an important role in my life. I enjoyed writing and reading during my school years, which I spent in a small village called Elgg in Switzerland and later at grammar school in Winterthur. Essays, stories and poems filled entire notebooks.

At the age of 17, I was drawn abroad for the first time for a longer period of time; during my exchange year in Finland, I attended the local grammar school in Kangasala. I was fascinated by the Finnish language, which I learned as well as I could, I spent hours in the sauna, went for  traditional naked swims in the lake or rolled in the snow, I went cross-country skiing and ice fishing, but to this day I still can't get used to the taste of liquorice, which the Finns eat in all possible and impossible varieties.

After the Swiss Federal Matura I moved to Chur, where I attended the Higher Hotel and Tourism College. In summer 2004, with my newly acquired diploma in my pocket, I boarded a plane to Seattle, where I signed on to a Princess Cruises ship bound for Alaska. A short time later, I met a charming fellow officer in Whittier and wrote my very own love story on the sister ship of the famous "Love Boat", known from a TV series. This encounter was to have a lasting impact on my life. For several years, I sailed the seven seas, experienced many storms, the odd party in the legendary crew bar, made stops in all corners of the world and enjoyed life to the fullest.

After my exotic wedding in Goa, India, with the aforementioned fellow officer, I took a detour into the financial sector, obtained a Bachelor of Science in Banking, Finance & Taxation, only to come to the realization that this was not my world.

Nowadays, I mainly devote myself to creative projects: I write, design and document our adventures. My sources of inspiration are mother nature, traveling and meeting people. I like stories, languages, beautiful things and good smells. In addition I became very invested in childhood development and work as a conscious parenting coach. You can learn more about this topic here. 

In the meantime, our Swiss-Indian family has grown by three members. I am the mother of a son (*2015) and two daughters (*2016, *2020). We are at home in the sunny Surselva in Switzerland - when we are not traveling.

Welcome to my little corner in the internet universe!