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Klara, born in October 1918, is brought up in Eastern Switzerland in the small town of St. Gallen. Her family are embroiderers. Times are tough as the most prestigious era of this traditional industry is passé. Thanks to the generosity of her elder half-brother George, who is a pharmacist, Klara has the opportunity to undertake professional training as a kindergarten teacher. After graduating a dream comes true when Klara starts working for an aristocratic family as a nanny in Paris in April 1939.  Claire, that’s how she is called in France, enjoys the chic Parisian lifestyle. The pretty life comes to an abrupt end, when the German Wehrmacht marches towards Paris in June 1940 and the Count is heavily injured in the battle field. War has caught up with Claire. As the first bombs drop on the French capital she flees Paris together with the Countess and the children. Her family in Switzerland is worried for her well-being and urges her repeatedly to return home. Claire who got very attached to her host family, is unable to leave Madame with the four small children. Nevertheless, the situation deteriorates and gets tenuous even in the factual free Vichy France.

My debut novel – a fictitious reimagining of a true story honoring my grandmother’s life.

Taschenbuch, 180 Seiten, Englische Ausgabe, ISBN: 978-3952484432, 1. Auflage, 20. Februar 2019

E-Book, 182 Seiten, Englische Ausgabe, 19. Oktober 2018

Über mich

Schon wenige Monate, nachdem ich 1983 in Winterthur geboren wurde, begann ich zu sprechen – ob zum Leidwesen oder zur Freude meiner Eltern ist nicht überliefert. Buchstaben und Worte scheinen seit jeher eine wichtige Rolle in meinem Leben zu spielen. So kam es, dass ich auch während meiner Schulzeit, die ich im zürcherischen Elgg und später im Gymnasium in Winterthur verbrachte, gerne schrieb und las. Aufsätze, Geschichten und Gedichte füllten ganze Hefte.

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